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Individual/Sole Proprietors

$150 per year

Property Owners

2 – 10 Employees

$200 per year

11 - 50 Employees

$300 per year

51 - 100 Employees

$375 per year

101 - 200 Employees

$575 per year


201 Or More Employees

$1000 per year


Associate (Retired Senior)

$50 per year


Non-profit/Service Clubs/Churches

$125 per year


Financial Institution/Hospitals

$375 per year


Hotels/Motels/Apartment property owners

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Developers/ Shopping Centers

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Plus a one time administrative fee of $35.00

The Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce is working hard to develop new projects and programs that add value to your Chamber Membership. You may expect to receive announcements from the Chamber as part of our regular mailings and e-mail blasting as new products and services become available.

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